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Brief courses and overviews of what you need to know in pregnancy and within one year of having your baby provided by experienced (health) professionals

Demistifying pregnancy in understandable and clear terms with the aim of providing a great experience for you and your partner and avoiding confusion created by clashing advice.

Lives, Podcasts and a Private Facebook Group

We are listening to what you need to learn and understand in pregnancy and creating content to meet your needs.

Short videos cutting to the point because we are all busy in this manic and full of bombarded information world. A platform to connect with professionals and parents who have similar experiences and problems as you have.


Listening and Seeing from a variety of angles

Connecting you to the information you need from the professionals who have that information

Working over 20 years in the maternity field, in a variety of clinical settings and hospitals and seeing almost everything has motivated me to start this online community where my aim is women to be listened, reduce the amount of stress they might have to deal while growing their bump and improving their physical and emotional wellbeing

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Your questions answered #3

Send us your questions at and we will create a fun short to watch on it

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.” ‒Jane Weideman

- jane Weideman


5 Amazing Recipes to keep your bump healthy and feel good

In pregnancy you will need a variety of healthy nutrients to keep your energy levels up, feel better and grow a healthy bump. I have developed five recipes that are ideal and easy to cook , from healthy snacks to a healthy meal.Sign-up to receive helpful information, recipes and updates from a variety of experts in the maternity field.


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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